Yoga workshop

6 - 11 AUGUST 2019

for between 8 and 14 Participants 


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This summer, we are launching our floating wooden platform overlooking the mountains: there’s really no better place to do yoga!

On this holiday, after a light breakfast, we’ll be doing two hours of dynamic hatha yoga before lunch. The afternoon will be left completely free to explore the area or to relax. Before dinner (Spanish time!) we’ll be doing a more gentle session focusing more on stretching, breathing and mediation. The classes will be suitable for all levels.

So, what kind of yoga are we talking about? There will be two teachers, Mireia and Miriam, who will be taking turns to teach their own particular flavour of hatha yoga. In their own words: 

The type of yoga that I practice, and teach, is hatha vinyasa (dynamic yoga), seeking a union between mind, body and heart, with the help of conscious breathing and meditation. The goal is to achieve the alignment of the body whilst enjoying the practice of yoga, thereby gaining vitality and emotional and mental stability.” - Mireia

yoga platform.jpg

I aim to create sense of trust to spoil you and help you reconnect using the asanas and full awareness of your breathing. I tend to relate the asanas to the different elements of nature that we are made up of (earth, air, water and fire). In the classes we do pranayama exercises, we sing mantras, use Tibetan quartz singing bowls, group yoga exercises, and introduce some meditation. It is a living dogma-free form of yoga.” - Miriam

As this is also a holiday, you clearly deserve a bit of pampering. So, after all that bending, stretching and spiritual cleansing, you’ll be served delicious food and be able to enjoy yourself in your own time, with some healthy mountain walks, a refreshing splash in the lake or simply relaxing with a good book. 




Arrival is in the evening of 6 August , and we will start with dinner. The course will end with lunch on 11 August.

The yoga classes will be from 10:00 to 11:45 a.m. After lunch, you will be free to explore the area or to rest. From 6:45 to 8:00 p.m. we will have a more gentle session. 

Your remaining time will be free to explore the area or to rest. For more information on things to do in the area, please check here


Accommodation, Food & Rates

You will be staying at Casa Ropero

Check here for detailed information.

5 days: 525 euros (private room supplement 100 euros)


The yoga classes, accommodation and food.

Not included: one meal out (not for weekend visitors), Transport to Cérvoles

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Book early! Registrations close one month before the start date.


Your teachers

Mireia Ventosa Masdeu

foto Miremeditant.jpg

Mireia has worked with her body since childhood, in the form of dance and sport. A teacher of body awareness, yoga and Pilates for 27 years, she is also and integrative body therapist (nutrition, massage, reflexotherapy, Bach flower remediess, pranic healing, cellular bioenergetic osteopathy or pericardial release)

Mireia has her own yoga studio close to Barcelona, Espai per a la Salut, el Moviment i l'Ànima:


Miriam Romero Rull

miriam headshot.jpg

 Miriam is a qualified yoga teacher and has been practising for the last 15 years. She teaches at Mireia’s centre and at different places in and around Barcelona.