About me…

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A little (personal history)

I’m Belgian, born and raised. After living my first 22 years there, and graduating in Applied Communication Studies, I thought I’d improve my language skills, as I was itching to see a bit more of the world. 

I first went to London to brush up my English and then headed to Salamanca in Spain, where I challenged myself to learn a new language and, quite coincidentally, have the time of my life. Was it the yummie tapas, the chill-out atmosphere or the rather pleasant climate that did the trick?

Or was it the love of my life I spotted there? Not, as you might imagine, a raven-haired, olive-skinned Latino, but a funny intellectual English chap, my biggest source of inspiration!

An inspiring English chap (justifiably) proud of his carrot cake

An inspiring English chap (justifiably) proud of his carrot cake

Then, it was off to South America for a couple of years for some wild adventures: being (still) very young and adventurous, I did take the occasional risk, but hey, don’t we all once in a while? 

After that, inevitable, it was time to settle down? So it was off to Barcelona with my man, to make a fresh start.

After teaching English there for a while, I moved into restoring and refurbishing furniture, opening my own shop with a good friend. In the mean time, thanks to my insatiable curiosity (some would say nosiness) I also got to know Barcelona pretty well. So well in fact, that I thought to myself: why not open up some of its more hidden corners? So, for the last 17 years, I have been offering all kinds of alternative tours and workshops through My Favourite Things (www.myft.net). And I have to say, whilst it’s all fun, the workshops and the culinary tours and events have perhaps been the favourite part.

However, as someone with high sensitivity, Barcelona got a bit too hectic for me after so many years. So, off I went in search of a more restful environment, somewhere I’d feel more at peace. That’s why we’re now in Cérvoles.

My spirit animal hiding amongst the grapes above our terrace

My spirit animal hiding amongst the grapes above our terrace

So that’s my story and this is where I’ve ended up. Having received so much in life, what better way to give a little back than to invite you to join me here, to learn, have fun and give yourself a chance to discover new horizons? The teachers, hand-picked from those I have met in my life journey, are all very experienced and inspiring people. For my part, I’ll do my best to pamper you with healthy and delicious home-cooked food during your stay. And for those one who are into cooking, culinary holidays are on the way!