About cooking…

Cooking is a pleasure, it’s like making love to someone you love.
You have to spoil her, stroke her
— Ángel

Feel, look, smell, taste: use your senses, and the rest will come naturally. Whilst, today, there is more cooking information out there than ever—all the programmes, books, magazines and internet content—it can sometimes feel we’ve lost our culinary way. Too much information, so many trends, so much hype. Perhaps what we need to do is take a step back from all this and rely on ourselves, our feelings, our intuition, our common sense.  

I would like to invite you all to join me in the big culinary play garden out there; explore your creativity, experiment, succeed, fail, progress and keep on playing! I’d love to provide a helping hand in this process, reaching out to give you useful tools, techniques and fresh ideas, empowering your culinary creativity whilst having a great time!

Anyone can be a wizard in the kitchen. You just have to let yourself be one. Whether you’re a relatively experienced cook looking for a fresh approach, or someone who thinks they have absolutely no idea, we’ll help you find your way in the kitchen.  And who knows, maybe the creativity you have acquired in the kitchen will infuse in other aspects of your life.

And for the culinary workshops there’s no better place to do so than our village, set in the foothills of the Catalan Pyrenees, whose peace and quiet provides the perfect setting for listening to your senses.

Nature, its seasons and all its colours, will be our first muse. We will be picking vegetables from our own kitchen garden, going in search of edible wild flowers and herbs and making good use of the delicious local produce. Other sources of inspiration? The mood we’re in, the weather, our travels, experiences, memories, a charismatic character, a certain atmosphere, the love we feel… all of them can be used to add a bit of magic in the kitchen.

So, what can you expect?

By putting the focus on textures, colours, forms and temperatures, we’ll learn how to take part in the interactive play of ingredients, contrasting and complementing flavours and aromas. We’ll make the most of all kinds of ingredients, exploring all the different ways they can be prepared.

A basic recipe can be used as a guideline, but with the addition of a little imagination and a few crafty tricks, you’ll learn how you to cook up a wide variety of original dishes.

Also, variety is (as they say) the spice of life. We don’t go for any specific cuisine or follow one particular guru. Rather than following rigid rules, we want to leave space for creativity and experimenting.

The idea is NOT to slave over the stove for hours attempting to master complicated techniques. No, nothing too fussy or fancy but creative, surprising and inspiring combinations, healthy and energetic, colourful and tasty food.

And most of all have fun; a good class of wine and some heavenly music playing in the background can do miracles whilst being in your culinary trance!

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