Our philosophy

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What we believe

People often say: “I can't draw, I can’t paint, I’m just not creative.” 

Perhaps this is a misconception. Anyone can be creative in any way and on so many different levels! 

So why is creativity so important and relevant in our lives? 

Firstly, art makes us reflect on society and helps to understand it. It moves us, it makes us laugh, it makes us cry. It simply makes us more alive.

Let's face it, we are all confronted with issues that need to be solved: in relationships, at the workplace and on a more global level. Being creative can help in finding solutions, making connections, making new developments and innovations.

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When it comes to understanding ourselves, creativity can also play a crucial role. More often than not, we are dependent on other people’s expectations and we are stuck in certain patterns. If we want to make any changes or reinvent ourselves, becoming aware of those patterns is the first step. Letting them go and opening ourselves up to new challenges is a much more difficult matter. 

Here again, creativity can be of great help, a magic tool to let go of prejudices, fears, giving us a breakthrough to overcome unrealistic expectations and the pursuit of perfection. Understanding that learning to fail is part of the game, so we can gradually become the engineers of our own lives. That is, if we observe, evaluate and adjust where necessary.

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I’m 100 % sure we all have a healthy dose of creativity, but sometimes we simply can’t access it because we get lost in our daily routine or plan far too much, wasting valuable energy. We lose sight of what we really want. Our creative side simply falls asleep. So, why not jump-start your creativity and let it spread through the rest of your life?

Last but not least, doing some something creative can really help you the live the moment, to carpe that diem. Yeah, yeah, I can hear your teeth grinding from here at all this new-agey guff, but… lets face it, we only have the here and now, so we might as well enjoy it. Being passionate about something enjoying the flow of things without any specific aim take to you to some kind of heavenly trance. And these can be the very happiest moments!