What people say about us…

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I took part in the yoga holiday last summer and really enjoyed it!! I fell in love with the village and the surroundings; it was also great that Katrien gave us a list of all her favourite places in the area, as some were pretty hidden and interesting to get to, but really worth it.

As I had done very little yoga before, I thought it would all be too much the five days, but the teacher Marie did such a great job. She adapted to all our different levels and time just flew by! I also really loved the home-cooked food, it was a treat! Personally, I think it’s a great way to have a holiday!
— Aodh, Ireland

I would love to go and live on this mountain: the peace, the magical surroundings, the food… it’s all so inspiring! Oh well, I suppose I can always go back!

Doing yoga in a room with a view (and what a view!) or outside adds a little something. Also, the teacher Marie had a novel approach to teaching and she does it with so much passion, loved it!
— Núria, Spain
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Sad to be back home, but on the other hand I can’ t wait to try out all the culinary ideas you have given me Katrien. I loved to see how, with very few ingredients, you can turn almost anything into something tasty. I was also amazed how much more you can get out of one single ingredient.

But, most of all, what a great atmosphere to cook in!! Such amazing views, such great fruit and vegetables from the kitchen garden. Also, I loved the house we stayed in, decorated with so much love and care, but simple and functional at the same time
— Hilde, Belgium

Got to admit I was a little nervous about signing up for the drawing course; had no idea. But it was something I had always wanted to do, and it was in the mountains: so what’s not to like? In the event it was just great. Fun people, relaxing environment, stunning scenery. All helped to make me feel at ease. Shani was a great guide, encouraging you to try different materials, explaining lots of helpful techniques, and most of all supportive, and keen to get me to discover my own style.

As for the food, well that was just something else. A rich and varied fusion of Spanish, Catalan and cuisines from around the globe that was irresistible.
A good decision!
— Thomas, UK

I had been to the area before, and have always loved it, but this village is a real gem... When I got there (a bit early) the annual village party was in full swing, and I was immediately invited. Quite an experience, and a great start for the holiday!

I had been doing Pilates for a while, but the yoga was pretty new to me. The classes went very gradually from more relaxing to more demanding, so by the end I felt pretty fit and relaxed. The healthy and delicious food also helped add to the feel-good experience!
— Els, a Belgian in Barcelona