Body Awareness

21 - 26 August 2018

For between 8 and 14 participants

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improve your body and learn to move more efficiently 

These days, in our ever-more hectic lives (not to mention the information overload we are constantly subject to) we all to often get stuck in our minds, completely forgetting our body. So it’s no wonder that this can and often does lead to poor posture and movement. In turn, this means we use far more effort than necessary, leaving us without energy for the rest of the day.  

Our body can tell us a lot, but we don’t always listen to it. In this course, your teacher Eva, will help you to hear what it is saying and change the harmful habits we have all built up over our lifetimes. She will act as a guide, so that you can rediscover a new bodily balance by and understand how each of us moves in a unique way. 

We will also deal with tension: although this is often thought of as bad, it’s something we all need! The problem is that we often use it incorrectly , causing tiredness or pain. Here again, Eva will guide you to become more aware of your tension and redirect it.

Most of all, she will help you rediscover the pleasure of movement and moving more mindfully through life.

This course is suitable for everyone. If you have any doubts about your physical condition or ability to do these classes, you are more then welcome to contact the teacher. The classes will be given in English or Spanish. 

We will be mostly working on a group basis but, on request (and for a small supplement, outside of normal class hours), Eva can give you more individualised attention. Every day we will also be a moment when we connect with nature, putting into practise the work we have learnt in class outdoors, connecting with nature.


Arrival is on the evening of 21 August, and we will start with dinner. The course will end with lunch on the 26 August.

Classes will be from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Your remaining time will be free to explore the area or to rest. For more information on things to do in the area, please check here. 


Accommodation, Food & Rates

You will be staying at Casa Eduard

Check here for more info

5 days: 525 euros


Classes, accommodation and food.

Not included: one meal out (not for weekend visitors), transport to Cérvoles..

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Book early! Registrations close one month before the start date.



Eva Yufra is an Argentina-born dancer, teacher and creative.

She has danced with lots of different companies over the world and also creates her own works. Currently, she teaches dance (contact tango and contemporary) and body awareness in Barcelona.

From her many years of ballet, contemporary and contact dance and tango training, Eva has developed her own personal style to help people to work with their most basic tool: the body. She loves observing and exploring it: a healthy posture and flexible, fluid precise and consistent motion are her passion.